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February 8, 2018

Green Bean Grace

Grace knows good food when she sees it (and tastes it!), but she has grown up part of the Pahl Farms family so it’s been a little easier for her.  The good news is that you can be a part of the Pahl Farms family too by joining our Community Supported Agriculture Program (CSA).

You might ask, what is a CSA?  The most basic answer is that a Community Supported Agriculture Program encourages a mutually beneficial relationship between consumers and growers. The concept allows for members to invest in the farming operation prior to harvest and in return members receive a weekly share of produce from “their” farm.  Chances are, with this being our fifth CSA season, most of our loyal customers are probably familiar with what our Pahl Farms CSA offers.  If not, please feel free to visit our website to learn all about our Farm Share Program.

Know Where Your Food Comes From

Green Pepper GraceOne of the best ways to get proper nutrition is to eat locally sourced foods. This way you will know that what you eat is safe and healthy. Unlike processed food, locally produced food is good for the body.  All of the produce grown here at Pahl Farms is non-GMO, sustainably grown and USDA Harmonized GAP food safety certified.

Connect Your Kids with Nature

Potato GraceMany children are disconnected from nature and know nothing about the farm-to-table process. Grace has the inside track because a lot of the delicious homegrown produce is planted and harvested just steps from her grandparents front door.  Being a Pahl Farms CSA share holder gives our members several opportunities to visit the farm and get out into the fields to pick snap peas, green beans, sweet corn & pumpkins throughout the season!  We provide the perfect opportunity for reconnecting your children with nature and with the source of the food they eat.

So get moving and join Grace on the journey from seed to harvest!
Become a Pahl Farms CSA member today!

Sweet Corn Grace

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