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Summertime Brings New Things to Pahl’s Market

by | Jul 2, 2012 | Market News

Pahl's FRESH Produce
After the flower season peaks and the annual bedding plants have found their homes, the shift at Pahl’s Market turns towards the farm. “We are not quite there yet, but we will be,” says Gary Pahl, owner of Pahl Farms. Farming 1,100 acres of crops takes diligence and a lot of hard work.

Transitioning the physical market space to get ready for produce and vegetables is like a bud waiting to bloom at Pahl’s Market. It happens almost seamlessly right before the customer’s eyes. The people responsible for making the physical change at the market are quietly and effectively working behind the scenes.  Flowers to fruits and vegetables make way for great summertime tastes and enjoyment.

Already local, fresh berries are in the cooler at Pahl’s Market. The freshly picked raspberries are unrivaled at this time of the year. There is nothing like the sweet and juicy taste from locally grown flavor. “You can truly taste the difference”, says Gary Pahl. “There is freshness in every bite,” emphasizes Gary Pahl.

The farm side of the business is a lot of hard work with early planning, planting, moving machinery, maintenance and watching the weather. The systems-in-place is a well-oiled machine for the fifth generation Pahl’s. “We try to stay ahead of ourselves with good planning but there is always something keep us hoppin’,” says Brian Pahl, brother and co-owner.

The dates and special events to look forward to this summer at Pahl’s Market are; the culmination of our 30th Year Anniversary Celebration with our Patio Pot and Diamond Drawing Giveaway. The fresh produce, fruits, vegetables, and the first sweet corn of the season should be around the corner in July. Another great event happening in July is the Flashlight Sale – July 17thwith Live Music. The fun continues on Cornfest Day – August 18th with Live Music. This should be fun for all who participate!

As the summer season unfolds itself, remember there is a farmer’s market everyday at Pahl’s Market where you can really taste the difference. Look for ways to increase your family’s health and well-being by serving fresh and locally grown produce from Pahl’s. We have cucumbers, green beans, cabbage, peppers, tomatoes, sweet corn, fresh berries and plenty of other delicious fresh fruits and vegetables all starting in the month of July.


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