What’s Happening on the Farm?

by | May 12, 2012 | Market News

By Gary Pahl

Springtime, the days get longer and the anticipation of a great new year is on the horizon.  We have had plenty of time to fix and manufacture new equipment over the course of the winter.  So what is our spring plan on the farm?

1)      We have our soil tests in hand so we are familiar with what we need to put down as far as fertilization.

2)      We vow not to go into our fields when they are too wet.  WHY?  Because soil compaction is a sure bet to yield reduction and inconsistent production.

3)      Our planters have been gone thru with a fine tooth comb to ensure great seed spacing and consistent depth throughout all of our planters.

So we are off to the races.  Here is a schedule of what the farm side of our operation will be doing in the next 6 weeks:

-Planting sweet corn, 1st batch…we will plant a batch a week up until July 1st
-Planting our cabbage transplants (400,000) from the greenhouse
-Seeding Cabbage direct in the field
-Planting our first Green Beans – then we will plant a batch a week up until July 10th
-Planting Field Corn

May 10th:
-Plant ½ of our winter squash direct seed, Indian corn, soybeans

May 15th:
-Plant our peppers (200,000) from the greenhouse, tomatoes, cucumbers – we will plant 3 plantings of  cucumbers, 2 weeks apart.

May 20th-30th:
-The other ½ of winter squash, pumpkins, gourds

Have fun and don’t forget your hoe for the garden…..weeds always come up!

Pahl's Cabbage Transplanting


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