You Can Always Count on Mum

by | Jul 15, 2023 | Market News

Hard to believe it is already mid-July!  I always remember thinking July is the sign that summer is halfway through and school is just around the corner. We recently planted all of our mum pots for this fall. In total we plant around 14,000 mum pots of several different colors and it takes them that long to grow to where we want them come September. They are quite a bit hardier than other annuals and some even have luck over wintering them. Sometimes mums need to be pinched throughout the growing process. Pinching helps with producing hormones in the plant that promote branching, creating the uniform fullness in the mum pots that is crucial for the look of the plant.

Mums are considered a short day plant for their photo period. This means that in order for them to bloom the sunlight required is 8 hours or less. One would think that this amount of sunlight is extremely important, however it is actually the 16 hours of darkness that is actually the more important process for the plant to start breaking down the energy gathered through photosynthesis during the day time. These long days that we receive during the summer months get the plants nice and full, and come fall time the short days and long nights help make sure that they are blooming beautifully for fall.

When the mum plant is extremely small, like it is now, it only takes up minimal water.  Watering them every day in the pot size given is not the best idea, typically we like to keep things dryer. This helps keep the risk of disease down, while also helping the plant maintain its short compact look throughout the year. Be sure to come in, look around and watch them grow.

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