Fall planting options

March 10, 2010

Dear Dee,

What can I plant right now?

Suzy Spring

Dear Suzy,

Pansies are frost tolerant and cold hardy. They will survive a light snow. If nighttime temps drop to 36 degrees or lower make sure to bring your pansies in for the night. They can be put back out the following morning. Make sure you do not over water your pansies. They do not like to have wet feet. Allow them to dry out in between watering. A nice trick to try is to give them a quick mist on colder, sunny days when they are wilting but don’t need a full drink. Allowing the foliage to get wet will perk the plants up and you won’t have to worry about over watering them. Liquid feed your pansies every two weeks for optimal bloom. They are great patio plants for the best early spring color.

Sincerely Dee

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