Are deer attracted to Hakura Nishiki?

by | Mar 29, 2010 | Resources, Market News, Ask Pahl's Market

I have a question about “Hakura Nishiki” or Dappled Willow. We live in an area where the Deer love to eat certain shrubs, evergreens, and some bushes. Will the deer be attracted to this bush/tree for food in the winter months? Thanks
Unfortunately I was unable to find a source that could say the ‘Hakura Nishiki’ Willow was indeed deer resistant. The good news is that there are number of shrubs that deer not prefer. Deer tend not to like shrubs with foliage that is sticky, hairy, feathery, or emits an order that is not appealing. Also shrubs with spines or stickers repel deer -these include plants such as the Barberry and Holly. Check out the University of Minnesota Extension Website at I found an article called ‘The Best Plants For 30 Tough Sites.’ This article includes a list of hardy Minnesota deer-resistant plants.  If you have your heart set on the beautiful Nishiki willow you may try some different deterrent methods below:
1. Deer don’t like the smell of raw eggs, fish products, kelp, or ammonia. Any spray made from these products can be used. Just mix the product of choice in water and spray the plants to be protected.
2. Deer don’t like the smell of soap either. Some gardeners have especially found success with Dial and Zest brands.
3. Blood meal scattered around the garden is another good deterrent.
4. Since deer don’t like capsaicin, the ingredient that makes peppers hot, a spray made from chili peppers deters deer.
5. If all else fails, a fence build at 6ft tall will keep deer away.


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