Aunt Dee Wisteria

March 29, 2010

Dear Dee: 
About 5 years ago, I purchased an AUNT DEE WISTERIA from
Pahl’s, it did wonderful, then we sold our home.  I’d like to purchase
another one for our new home.  Do you still carry them?  I drive by our
old home, and can see the Wisteria from the road and it is huge and
beautiful! Hope you can help!
Yes, we do still carry them.  They are set up on tables, near the tree and shrub area.  I also bought one the first year we started
carrying them (maybe 5 years ago?)  Mine is full and thick and lush—-with green foliage only!  So I do NOT consider myself an expert
on growing them.  I’ve been told by several people that I must be patient, and those they don’t bloom for a few years.  So I’m determined
to wait it out.  I do think that they need a lot of sun, and in my case, I probably am not offering it enough.   Hope we can help you find
one you like.


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