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Do these plants have what it takes to survive a very cold winter?

by | Mar 29, 2010 | Resources, Market News, Ask Pahl's Market

Dear Dee,

I planted hardy shrub roses and ‘Endless Summer Hydrangeas’ last year. In my area we have had very cold weather and not much snow. Will my plants live?

Thanks Dee,
Lilly Johnston

Dear Lilly,

That depends. ‘Endless Summer Hydrangea’ is considered a winter ‘die back’ plant. That means it grows back from ground level every year and blooms on buds from that same year. (It has been growing back every year in Minnesota since the winter of 1983-1984) Hardy shrubs are considered winter ‘cut back’ plants. They should be cut back to within 6-8 inches above ground. They also bloom on new growth from the same year.

All plants are subject to winter drying from cold weather and winter winds. Some protection like mulching is never a bad idea, if removed when plant starts to grow. Allow some extra time this spring to see of your plants some back.


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  1. gwenbents@charter.net

    How best do I winter my lavender, jasmin, hibiscus tree and hibiscus bush(all in pots right now)?

    • chris

      Treat with a household insecticide or hose them down before bringing them in the house. It helps lessen the shock of transferring indoors if you can remove 1/3 of the growth, however, that is not necessary. The best position would be a south facing window. Do not fertilize until the days lengthen in April, let the plant rest. Water as needed. Also, re-apply a systemic to prevent insects every 6 to 8 weeks.


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