How to dress up the backyard for a wedding?

by | Mar 10, 2010 | Resources, Market News, Ask Pahl's Market

Having an backyard wedding 3rd weekend in June. Colors are orange, silver, cream and black ( Harley Davidson theme) What suggestions do you have to dress up back yard? I would like to stick with creams and oranges , both pots, hanging plants and maybe bulbs. How early should I start some of these indoors and what suggestions do you have.

Dear Blenda,

Congratulations on the wedding!  The end of June is a great time for a backyard wedding, and there are some great plants you can use to add color to the event.  Since I don’t know exactly what conditions exist in your backyard I’ll break up the lists by sun requirements.

In full sun consider planting Orange Osteospermum (daisy like flowers), orange diascia (small orange cup shaped flowers), orange nemesia (taller flower stalks) and orange calibrachoa (mini petunias).

 These can go in both pots and hanging baskets.  There is also a bright orange/red geranium that would add big balls of color to your baskets and pots. To these orange plants you might want to add some cream/white flowers like the white angelonia (tall, with flowers up the length of the stems), white nemesia, vanilla osteospermum, diamond frost euphorbia, and white geraniums.  There is a creamy colored supertunia with just a hint of yellow you might also consider for pots and baskets. For even more color add sweet heart purple sweet potato vine, (nearly black leaves) or Dark Star Coleus (red-black foliage) and silver falls dichondra (silver leaves).

In shadier spots in your yard (those places that don’t get a lot of afternoon sun) you can plant the cream and orange pansies, white and orange impatiens, and non stop begonias in orange and white.  Pansies and impatiens would be great massed in flower borders or under established shrubs and trees.

If you wish to add some orange and black perennials to your gardens, consider adding Pixie Orange Asiatic Lilies and Obsidian  Heuchera-coral bells.

You should start planting your baskets and pots in early May.  Start with fresh potting soil in each basket and pot, to give the plants a good beginning.  Make sure you are planting combinations that will work well together; have the same soil, water, and fertilizer
requirements.  Also make sure all the plants in each pot have the same sun requirements.  If you want to start the plants from seed (pansies work well for starting indoors) you should sow your seed late in March and transplant them outside in early to mid May.  With a little
regular care your baskets and pots should be full of blooms and color by the end of June.

If you have more questions or need help designing your pots and baskets come in and see us at Pahls.  We’ll be glad to help you with everything you need to make your yard Harley ready for the wedding festivities.

Thanks for the question,



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