Ninebark shrub not blooming on pruned branches. What to do?

by | Mar 29, 2010 | Resources, Market News, Ask Pahl's Market

Hi, I have a question regarding the shrub ‘Ninebark’. I pruned them last fall based on the instructions that I received from an employee at Pahl’s. (We had hired Pahl’s to do a landscaping project at our house in 2007). The shrubs all look very healthy and full, but it seems that all of the branches that were pruned last fall did not produce any blossoms this spring. Only the branches that I didn’t prune produces blossoms. Any ideas?

 If you must prune, prune right after blooming.  Ninebarks bloom in the spring on the prior woods growth, so summer or fall pruning is still the answer. Pruning is done to maintain shape and in some cases you may end up sacrificing blooms for one year if you desire a more compact shrub.  Many people like to let these particular shrubs “go natural” rather than pruning. Either way your shrub sounds healthy and new blooms will be expected next year.


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