When will Graziella Maiden Grass start growing again?

by | Mar 17, 2010 | Resources, Market News, Ask Pahl's Market

We hired Pahl’s Landscaping to design and plant new shrubs and perennials in the front and sides of our house. Pretty much all have survived the winter, but I’m wondering if the Graziella Maiden Miscanthus Grasses are really slow to emerge. They all (5 plants) still have a straw color. There is no green or new growth emerging.  When should I see new green growth? We cut them back to about 8 inches earlier this spring. Thanks.

Dear Jenny,

The Graziella Maiden Grass is considered a “warm season” grass.  Simply put, the grass likes at least two weeks of warm soil temperatures before it will start to send up new shoots.  Given our cool and cloudy spring I would give the grass at least until mid June to show signs of life.  If you are still uncertain of its fate, you might try gently tugging on the clump of stems.  If there is resistance, there are roots, and if there are roots you will have
grass, eventually, when the weather warms up, which we all hope will be soon.


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