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Creating a Fairy Garden in the Landscape

Start by selecting a site for your garden.  It is best to put it in an area where you can view it up close.  Many fairy gardens have small accessories and  small details that are best enjoyed up close.  Once a location is chosen you can begin the fun.  The easiest  is to place your largest feature first.  Many times that is the fairy house.  I find that creating elevation changes makes a world of difference in the appeal of the garden as a whole.   Therefore, first plan the space for your house.  I find that if you elevate the house first you can build everything else from there.creating garden1

Once you have placed the house you can work on sculpting the other areas of your garden.  Plan different elevations and sites for stairs, walls, streambeds, small flower areas, bridges, patios, outbuildings, and anything else you may want to add.  This is the point where you can easily move and change anything you create.  Have fun trying different ideas for the placement of your items.  That is where your imagination can really have fun.building garden 2

Now you are ready for plantings and accents.  Plants are available in many shapes and forms.  Think about miniature trees, hedges, and groundcovers.  Some plants will remain small and slow growing, and for other plants, pruning can keep things to scale and you can create an entire miniature landscape.  Once you have the plantings in your garden it is all about small accents.  Furniture, gazebos, trellis pieces, fences, tables, benches, swings, fire pits—anything you find in the real world but on a tiny scale.  As you create each area you may want to add a few little characters now too.  Fairies bring your garden to life and complete each scene.  Whether they are climbing your stairs, fishing in the stream, or just relaxing on a bench they bring a sense of fun and magic wherever you place them.building garden 3

The most important part of fairy gardening is to have fun.  That is really what it is all about.  Take time to enjoy the magic, whimsy, and charm you have created in your own garden.

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