Landscape Supplies in Apple Valley

Landscape Supplies

Pahl’s Market offers various landscape supplies to complete your landscape project. We have a large selection of plant material which includes annuals, perennials, tropicals, shrubs, trees, evergreens, vines, shrub roses, and more. We sell bulk and bagged mulch; as well as a variety of decorative rock, natural stone, and soils. We also supply landscape edging, concrete bullet edgers, and natural stone edging. Landscape fabric and poly come in many different sizes. We have pavers and retaining wall block in a variety of different shapes, sizes, texture, and colors. We have an assortment of products for all your home and garden needs such as landscape tools, pottery, birdbaths, statues, fountains, and much, much more. Pahl’s also delivers any of the above products, please call for specific delivery information.

For further information contact Pahl’s Landscape Department at 952.431.4345 or Visit our getting started page to learn more

Buff Limestone

St Cloud Granite

Concrete Sand

Brown Colored Mulch

Red Colored Mulch

Gold Mulch

Western Red Cedar Mulch


Hardwood Chips Mulch

Gray Trap


Bryan Red Rock


River Rock


River Rock


Class 5


Preminum Hardwood Mulch


Pine Bark Mulch


Cypress Mulch