2018 CSA Season

May 3, 2018

Pahl Farms CSA

So it begins, the 2018 CSA season is soon upon us!  Many of the questions that I receive from people revolve around what we do in the winter months to prepare for the CSA farm season ahead. Simply put, we plan and narrow down as much of the details for the coming year as possible.  Then we pray that we stay on track and on the good side of Mother Nature.

A friend of mine, a coworker and a very trusted source, came into the shop this morning and reported to me that there is three feet or more of frost in the ground still. Wait, what? That is hard to fathom considering within the next couple weeks we will begin starting a large amount of our vegetable crop in the greenhouse in anticipation of spring transplanting into the field.

I feel the spring itch growing stronger.

We have spent the winter cruising our seed catalogs, deciding our varieties, ordering, receiving the orders and determining the location of our CSA field. The tractors and planters are still napping in the shed and are ready to be called upon to do their duty, the journey from seed to harvest.

This year we have kept a lot of our vegetable varieties the same, the tested tried and true bunch, such as; kale, beets, corn, cabbage, peppers, cucumbers, green/wax/purple beans and peas – just to name a few. Some new varieties hit the stage this year to shake things up a bit including fennel, a new scarlet kale and celery.

So for now the wait continues… but I assure you that as soon as the soil is dry and warm we will be hard at it tilling, transplanting and seeding our way to an awesome 2018 CSA season!

-Farmer Cole

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