April, It Grows Again!

by | Apr 2, 2015 | Market News

April is the month of great change in our gardens.  It is also a huge change at Pahl’s Market.  We have the greenhouses filling up with beautiful plants and the market is bursting at the seams with all kinds of treasures.  All of our favorite seasonal staff is returning and we begin again.  A great joy for us is greeting our customers and seeing all the familiar faces again.  It is also a time we work hard training in new employees and teaching them how to give you the best service around.  At Pahl’s Market we pride ourselves on being able to help you with all your gardening needs, from great advice to the best of plants.

April in your gardens also brings wonderful surprises.  As you watch things come up and grow again the feeling of renewal brings a smile to most of us.  For me, it is like greeting old friends each year as I walk through my perennial beds.  Some of my plants are cherished gifts from my Grandmother and my Dad.  Those plants bring such special memories and I always look forward to watching them come up.  As the weather warms things grow quickly and the drama of a new shoot racing up out of the ground is amazing.

April is also a great month to expect good moisture. The average probability that some form of precipitation will be observed in a given day is 48%, with little variation in the percentage over the month.  The old saying still makes sense that “April showers bring May flowers”!  This year, since we were so low in snow totals, moisture is really important to all your landscape.  Trees, shrubs, as well as your gardens will need extra this Spring.  Temperatures average 58 degrees for the high and 37 degrees for the low  during April here in our area.  Then all we need is a little warm sunshine and look for miracles all around!

In our greenhouse you will always find a warm fresh welcome in April.  We have things growing all around.  The growing range is full as well as most every area of the greenhouses.  The fairy garden is also taking shape.  I cleaned it up a few weeks ago and now can see what wintered over as far as last years plants.  It amazes me that some plants survive the extreme temperature changes in a greenhouse in the winter.  Most plants can’t tolerate such drastic swings in temperature.  During the bright days the greenhouses can warm up to be very comfortable and at night the temperature is the same as it is outside, so the swings are dramatic.  We have one small evergreen and several perennials that are coming up well.  I popped in a couple of coconut nemesia and then will add some fairy plants when they are ready.  I pull from my imaginative side and each year it is different.  Please stop in and watch it grow and take shape.  We would love to help you create your own miniature garden, join me at our Open House on April 18th if you would like a hands on experience to create your own treasure!  Everyone has a creative side and we can guide you to make something that can be to your taste and talent.

Yes, April is the time to begin again.  We welcome you back to Pahl’s and look forward to helping you for the great gardening season ahead.


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