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Art in the Garden

by | Jul 9, 2013 | Market News

The day is warm, there is a light breeze, and the moisture from the overnight rain has perked up your lawn and plants. You sit on your patio relaxing and having your morning cup of coffee. Over the past few years you have planted some plants in the yard and had the patio, you’re sitting on, installed. There seems to be a lack of focal points. Currently the yard does not say anything about you and your personality. Consider that your entire yard is the garden. You would like to add some color, textures, connecting the areas together, and add a little artistic flair.

How can you bring art into the landscape? There are many techniques, types, or items that create a feeling or emotional response. Some of the ways are unique plants, specimen trees or shrubs, antique iron fences and gates, antique outdoor furniture, arbors, architectural columns, bird baths, pergolas, pottery, statuary, trellises, urns, and water features. These are some of the ways to bring art into your garden and I am sure you will create additional ways.

The unique or specimen plants could be used like a sculptural piece or to frame an entry way. Antique iron fences and gates can be used at entry points or as individual pieces in the landscape with plants by them. Use an architectural column for a climbing vine. Create multiple rooms on your patio or in the landscape and sprinkle in some antique outdoor furniture. These are just a few examples. Use your imagination and bring your own personality into your landscape.

Adding some of these elements to the landscape will make the spaces enjoyable to be in and inviting to your guests. They can also be conversation pieces and a way to paint your outdoor rooms. Have some fun with it and enjoy the outdoors. Pahls has hundreds of items and plants to select from and to get you started. Come in and wander through the greenhouses, nursery, and market. Good Luck and Happy Shopping!


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