Cobblestone Lake Home With a New Look!

by | Jun 7, 2019 | Market News

Wow! I can’t believe it’s already June. Pahl’s landscaping is happy to be back creating beautiful yards.  We got a late start this year because of the never ending snow fall and road restrictions that didn’t come off until the second week of May.  Once we were able to get started our landscaping crews have been full go with our schedule filling up quick.  Other than a lot of wet days, we had a great month of May and were still able to stay on schedule.  We are just finishing up on our custom annual flowering projects for the spring and have multiple landscape jobs being installed. This month’s highlighted job is one we started during the first part of May in Apple Valley.  The job consisted up removing and disposing the existing landscaping and re-doing their entire front foundation.


This was Beth’s first project of the year.  We planned to try and complete the project last fall but ran out of time due to the weather.  Beth met with the homeowner to get an idea of what they wanted to do with their landscaping.  After the initial appointment she came up with a design and proposal for the work they discussed. Beth and the homeowner got together again to review the proposal and the plant list.  The customer signed the contract, made the down payment and were put on the install schedule.


We were finally able to start the job after having to push the project off from last fall to this spring. On the first day Beth met the crew at the job site and reviewed the project with them so they understood what was going to take place. The first part of the project was to remove and dispose of the existing landscaping.  That consisted of removing plant material, rock, poly, edging, sod and mulch from the areas. Once all the removals were out it was time to start with the installation.


After the removals were completed the crew began to add garden blend soil to the landscape beds to fill in holes from existing plants and build up the areas for new plant material. They established the bed lines and began to install poly edging to separate the rock and mulch from the sodded areas.  Once the soil and edging were installed they brought in five Kodiak brown accent boulders and three Iron Mountain flagstone pieces to be placed throughout the landscape beds. The Basalt fountain was next to be installed. They first began to dig a trench for the electrical line to run from the house to the fountain and once the line was in they were able to set the fountain in place for it to be put together and hooked up.  Once the boulders and fountain were in place, Beth was able to come back out and place the plant material for install.  Everything was coming together and all that was left was installation of the 2.5” river rock and brown colored mulch throughout the landscape beds.


The project was almost complete the crew just had to patch in some sod and do a complete cleanup of the area to finish the project. After completion of the project, Beth talked with the homeowner to make sure they were happy with the final outcome.

This was a great project to start off the year with.  There was a wide variety of different products and plant material used throughout the landscape that gives it a lot of color and texture to make a showy statement.

We look forward to sharing another landscape project with you next month.  Remember to contact us for any of your landscape needs.


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