Corn King

by | Aug 11, 2019 | Market News

Sweet corn demand is the best in several years.  Why?  Donald Trump and climate change.  Now that I have your attention I will explain some of the things that have gone on that have kept sweet corn prices higher than the last 10 years.  There has been a supply problem from April starting in Florida due to pests and rain.  Georgia was under a lot of heat and their crop matured earlier than normal and finished faster than expected.  Indiana which has become a bigger player over the last ten years was hampered by rain, rain and more rain.  The other states in the Midwest had planting issues with wet weather and hence did not get in the acreage intended.  Demand has been strong; supply has been short, hence the higher prices.

Our harvest has been humming along with shipments into Canada and Chicago plus the Cub Foods and the Hy-Vee’s of the world.  This week we are a little short due to planting conditions in May but we will get through and keep picking and packing.  The other side of the coin we have started harvesting bell peppers, cucumbers, green and red cabbage, green beans and a number of smaller items that we just keep local.  Last Monday was a record day on the farm when we shipped out 10 semi loads of fresh produce, and yes we were all tired but Tuesday was another day and not quite as busy.

As we say around the farm:  Keep Pickin and Grinnin!


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  1. Tony Steel

    Thanks for brief the explanation on corn prices. I learned something new today.

  2. Lori Budahn

    This is our first year as CSA customers. I would not have signed up without your Facebook advertising blasts. Thank you!!!!
    We are loving All of the produce we receive every Wednesday. Since I didn’t spend my time planting and weeding, I am much more eager to freeze and can the extra produce and it has all been so very good. Many thanks!!!

    • Chris Kaufenberg

      Thank you Lori!! It is CSA members like you that make the hard work worthwhile!


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