Crop Progression

July 6, 2018

Sweet Corn

Sure has been a steamy one these past couple of weeks.  With the heat it brings on the maturity of crops at a pretty good pace.  As of today I was seeing bell peppers about the size of golf balls.  Cucumbers will start to be harvested in the next couple of days.  Sweet corn is about 10 days out and we’ve just started harvesting green beans.  Even though we got off to a late start the harvest dates are all falling into a normal time frame with the additional heat units that we have been getting.

This time of year is always fun to get out there and start reaping the rewards of the past couple of months.  We finished planting our last cabbage in the greenhouse that we will transplant towards the end of this month.  We planted our last planting of green beans and sweet corn this past week.  We seeded some cucumbers yesterday and will plant the last planting in about a week.  That’s it for now!  Remember to ask for local when shopping at the grocery store!

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