Fall is Upon Us

by | Sep 21, 2015 | Market News

Fall is upon us, and even if it is hard to believe with this scorching hot state fair weather, sooner or later we will be having cold crisp mornings with a light morning due on the grass.

With Fall weather comes time to start thinking about plant replacement, as many of the flowers you might have planted will not withstand these cold calm nights. Our mums are nice and full and offer beautiful fall color. We have several pot sizes ranging from a 9” plastic pot to a 1 bushel wooden wire basket. All sizes offering spectacular color such as yellow, purple, and burgundy. Mums are a great way to add fall color, but they aren’t your only option. We have a wide selection of Kale, Pansies, and Swiss chard just to name a few. Mixing these in with your fall colored mums will make the neighbors jealous!

Another thing to consider is your yard next spring! Bulbs planted in September and October provide color, form, and fragrance to next year’s garden.  Small bulbs, such as alliums, crocus, hyacinths, and scilla, as well as the large daffodil bulbs, should go in the ground by mid to late September.  October is traditionally the time of year to plant tulips and replant lilies.  Water the bulbs thoroughly to begin the rooting process well before the ground freezes.  Early root development can be aided by working a good measure of bone meal into the soil under the bulbs.

It is not too late to dig, divide, and reset old iris plantings.  Select the strongest rhizomes and include a fan of leaves with each division.  Cut the foliage back to six inches.  Daylilies can also be divided this time of year.  Dormant plants can be dug, divided, and reset.  With good care and planning, bulbs can be used to extend and enhance interest in a rage of planting designs.


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