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Feeling Hot Hot Hot

by | Jul 1, 2018 | Market News

When July hits it reminds me of being a kid and thinking that summer is half over. Tough to believe that we burned through June this fast and we are already on to July.  June was an interesting month in that it has either been raining, cool, or scorching hot.  It feels that July might just be much of the same, so strap in and enjoy the ride.

We planted the majority of our mum crop on June 20th and 21st.  Before planting them we give them a little cut with the scissors to act as the first pinch. This pinch allows the plant to shoot hormones throughout the plant which promotes more branching.  This allows them to get fuller quicker and gives the plant a better overall shape.  Spacing is also a key factor in making sure they have a nice shape. When planting them we have them in a single line just for ease and so we aren’t stumbling over pots. In about a month we will lay down more string and space them properly, typically about 6-8 inches apart. Next on the docket is to plant all of our fall mixed tubs. These consist of mums, ornamental kale, purple fountain grass, millet, and other exciting options that will give you a good transition from your summer pots into your winter spruce tip pots.

Now I know that I am mentioning a lot about fall, but we also still have a wide selection of flowers available.  Annual plants are all 50% off along with tropical, herb & vegetables plants. So, if you find yourself wanting more (which my mother always tells me, “it’s not a need, it’s a want”) then stop on in and clean us out!

Things to think about this July, before you start thinking summer is half over like myself, is our annual Flashlight Sale happening July 17th from 8-10pm. It is a fun event to bring all the family and a good way to spend a little late night  – saving! Let’s hope this month doesn’t travel as fast as the past few and be sure to slow things down and enjoy yourselves.  Until next time.


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