Hedge Balls are here

by | Oct 9, 2010 | Market News

Just arrived.   They’ve been known to be called;  hedgeballs, hedge apple, monkey ball, spider ball, osage orange, horse apples, brainfruit, & green brain.   Hedge balls are normally used to repel or ward off spiders.    What do you call them and use them for?


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  1. margie

    I’ve used them for years. Just tossed out the ones from last year. I use them in the basement and closets. I know they’re done when they are all shriveled,brown and the spiders are back!Wish I could grow my own but they are from Iowa as far as I know.

  2. Dawn

    Another source for hedge balls – yea! They really do work to keep spiders out. We put them in our basement and we don’t have to worry about spiders or having to brush out any cobwebs come spring. Get them while you can because most places that sell them are sold out quickly.

  3. kenm

    Osage Oranges, also known as mock oranges, along with the other names listed, are native to Oklahoma and northeast Texas, along the Red River. They are named after the Osage Indian tribe, who’s home is in the same locale. These trees have been spread all over the Eastern US by farmers planting the seeds to grow hedge rows, during the middle 1800’s, before barb wire was invented. I live in southern Ohio, and I have about 75 trees on my farm. I am skeptical about their use for pest control. They make very nice table decorations for the fall season. I also enjoy shooting them out of my air cannon, they sail over 1000 ft. Other than that, I have no use whatever for hedgeballs. P.S.
    Squirrels love to eat the seeds inside them!

    • Dia

      They really work to keep spiders out of the home!

  4. Weston

    I got a Hedge ball in Ohio, and I see them all around. I did not know the purpose but thanks

  5. kristine morgan

    These used to grow where I lived in Pittsburgh Pa…My siblings and I used to throw these at each other….They hurt!!! LOL

    • Chris Kaufenberg

      Hi Kristine, we will have to add this to our description of what hedge balls can be used for – “throwing at your siblings”! 🙂

  6. Ginger Krueger


    Do you have hedge apples that you can ship?

    Thank you,


    • Chris Kaufenberg

      Thanks for checking with us Ginger, we do not ship hedge apples.


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