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It’s Pumpkin Time

by | Oct 1, 2016 | Market News

I think everyone agrees that we have had enough rain these past few months, unless you are a duck.  Record amounts of rainfall in our area of the metro has wreaked havoc on the progression of harvesting vegetables.  Not only have we been buried in the mud numerous times and have had to hook chains and found bigger tractors in our arsenal,  the quality of some of the vine crops has been marginal at best.  The crop cannot sit in wet soil for extended periods of time and expect to last on the shelf.  Fall vegetables  belong  being stored in a cool dry place and one would expect them to last a couple of months, but due to the abnormally wet weather we suggest eating them sooner rather than later.  One cannot decipher when it is coming across the grading table on how much longevity a winter squash has after laying in wet soil for the past two months.

We take the good with the bad and play the cards that are dealt.  One positive from all this rainfall is that it does leave the squash with a delicious taste and it is extremely moist inside to enhance the flavor.  The pumpkin crop seems to be in pretty good shape and with the dry weather this coming week we will be loading approximately 3-4 semi loads a day to be shipped in and around the five state area.

Thirty more days until the scotch bottle gets dusted off and we can relax a tad bit and start harvesting field corn and doing some serious tillage work.  Happy Halloween to everyone!


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