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By Tom Hartwell

As you plan your garden this year, think not only about varieties of flowers but the containers you plant them in. All great gardens begin with a backdrop of greenery highlighted with splashes of color. Containers, window boxes and garden accent sticks are excellent ways to add a splash of color and unique character to your plan. The added touch of playful garden accent sticks can really add charm on a cloudy day. Our growing season is short so don’t be afraid to express yourself with colorful containers packed full of tall, medium and trailing plants to make them “overflow” with vibrancy.

The choice for containers is wide and varied these days.  Shape, size and color accents are all things you should take into consideration when selecting your container. Placement of your container should be carefully considered, even debated when it comes to buying. If shopped wisely, great deals can be had on all sizes of planters all throughout the season. These are great investments that last a long time if cared for properly.

Caring for your plants:

  • If you’re planting an oversized container, plug the bottom of it with plastic milk containers, pop cans and other filler type items. This will reduce the soil volume and make it lighter to move.
  • Start your containers with Pahl’s premium potting soil. It is light and loamy; able to take in moisture and nutrients. Our premium mix is also filled with slow release fertilizer so your plants are healthy and vibrant throughout the growing season.
  • Choose plants that address your sun exposure and your plant’s watering needs.
  • All the rest is just a colorful spectrum!

Pahl’s Market has the greatest variety of plant containers in the entire Twin Cities area. You’ll be delighted to have volumes to choose from when looking for that “perfect” container to start your gardening plan off right.  We look forward to seeing you at Pahl’s.




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