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May The Force Be With You, The Gardening Force That Is

by | May 1, 2014 | Market News

May is a month of wonderful forces at work.  In May your gardens are beginning a new transformation into the real glory of spring.  New shoots appear every day and you can almost see some of them grow before your eyes.  Tulips are getting ready to bloom and early spring perennials greet you again with the first blossoms of the season.

In May you will be cleaning up your perennial garden beds and deciding where to put a few annuals in the mix to add color all season.  Annuals, other than pansies and violas, should be planted after the last frost.  Our average last frost is around May 17.  Each year is different so watch the weather.  A simple rule is that when night time temps are 50 degrees or warmer you can plant.

Pahl’s grows over a million plants each year!  One new petunia we think you will like is called Cha-Ching Cherry.  This is one of the bicolor petunias and features soft stripes of ivory edged in green in each cherry blossom.  Bi-color petunias are expected to be very popular this year.  As gardeners, we all like to try something different and new and this petunia looks like it will be a real winner. Our staff is well seasoned and knowledgeable and are always there to help all we can.  We will help you put together beautiful combinations and give you good advice about our plants so you can enjoy successful gardening all season.

May is also the month to get the vegetable garden planted. We carry a good selection of veggie plants that are perfect to plant in a small garden.  Many will also do well in containers on your deck or patio.  A tomato picked right off the plant and enjoyed in a fresh salad always tastes so wonderful!  Anyone for bruschetta??  Add a few fresh herbs to your garden and you will be amazed by the rich flavors. We have many varieties of vegetables that you can try.  From a large garden to a pot on your patio, we can help you enjoy the best vegetables all summer.

May 11th is Mother’s Day this year.  We have lovely hanging baskets and patio pots for you to choose from.  We can bring you beautiful plants in every color imaginable.  When choosing a hanging basket be sure to know if Mom has a sunny location to hang it or if it will be in the shade.  We will help you find the right plant for your location.

In May, we begin custom plantings for you.  We have moved our planting desk back next to the tropical plants and herbs. If you want some help this year we can plant a custom container for you.  Ask for custom planting help at the service desk and we would love to work with you on something very special.

For all of us at Pahl’s, May is also the month we greet so many returning customers.  Each year it is a joy to see you again and we truly appreciate your visits.  May all your days be filled with the miracles of May and the beautiful gardening season ahead!!



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