On the Home Stretch

by | Nov 6, 2016 | Market News

Another year comes and goes as the last of the pumpkins are put out to pasture.  We have squash left to sell well into December and some cabbage left to be harvested along with a bit of field corn to be combined.  Tillage work has started but has been sporadic with the wet weather not allowing us to do the work that needs to be done this fall.  All in all as we reflect back on the year I can’t say everything went without a hitch.  The amount of rainfall that we received during the course of the year put a damper on some of the veggies.  Rain makes grain is the old adage from an old commodity broker I once knew, but for vegetables that is not always the case.  We like to spoon feed our nutrients and rainfall so as to have disease free yet abundant yields.  We also like to see consistent temperatures to ensure a bountiful harvest at a pace the harvesting crews can keep up with.

As we wrap things up for one year we constantly plan for the upcoming years.  Yes, years.  This past week we have laid out the groundwork for the next couple of years where our rotation is going to take us with some different crops.  This plan has changed a bit from last year due to some of the weather issues we had this past summer.  Some of our fall tillage practices have changed also.  RIP,RIP,RIP… no, no one has passed away but it is a tillage tool that is used to break up the hard pan created by the wet conditions this past summer.  Change keeps us on our toes and always makes it interesting.


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