Pahl’s Market Featured Employee: Lance Himmelwright

by | Feb 29, 2012 | Market News

Lance Himmelwright
Years of Service at Pahl’s Market:
15 years

Job Responsibilities:
  I am responsible for ordering, planting, and growing Pahl’s annuals, perennials and tropicals.  In addition, I manage the crew that builds the many greenhouses on the property including their ongoing maintenance and irrigation systems.

Love of the Job:
I thoroughly enjoy the task of producing spectacular plants/flowers that our customers are delighted to display in their yards and planters all season long.


• Mother- Retired Corporate Educator                                                                                                 
• Father- Retired Police Officer
• Brother, Jason Himmelwright: Pahl’s Market Landscape Supervisor

Favorite Time of the Year: Spring mornings once the snow has melted.  Love the feeling that winter is finally over. 
Hobbies: I spend my free time playing hockey in the winter and golf in the summer.
The farthest you have traveled from home: Spent a year in Australia at a vineyard for my internship.  Learning to drive on the left side of the road was a true adventure.

Three things on your “Bucket List”:

• Golf at Pebble Beach
• Vacation destination: the South Pacific
• Take a few laps in a racecar

Who has been most influential in your life:
Those individuals that have experienced life to the fullest, are of good character and have maintained honesty and integrity along the way. 

What do you miss most about being a kid:
the simplicity

What skill would you like to learn:
Carpentry & woodworking

Which celebrity do you get mistaken for:
Golfer- Davis Love III

Favorite Movie:
Never Cry Wolf

Favorite Music:
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Hardest thing I’ve ever done: 
Living in a foreign country prior to the internet, cell phones etc.


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  1. Jeff Bangs

    Do you get mistaken for Davis Love III because you LOOL like him or GOLF like him? Just curious! I feel your pain, Brother. I get mistaken for Rob Lowe all the time! Really irritating! You do a great job with all of those flowers, Lance! Keep up the good work. I am sure my wife and mother-in-law will be in for some soon! Pahl’s ROCKS!

  2. Jason

    If he golfed like Davis Love he would be Golf for a living! Thanks for the kind words Jeff.

  3. Scott

    Your picture is clearly taken at Mt. Haleakala in Maui. Dude, what where you thinking wearing shorts up there? I’ve been there twice and it has been cold as you know what until about an hour after sunrise.

  4. Jason Himmelwright

    Correct on location. Only it was sunset not sunrise. Had winter hat, jacket, and pants in my backpack. Yes it did get COLD.

  5. Lori

    Glad to hear of your accomplishments in the horticulture field! We had a great group of people to study with at the U of M.


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