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Flower buds are popping, Bees are buzzing, and the slow panic of “what am I going to do with my house this spring” starts to slowly become a reality. Luckily, you have Pahl’s Market to take some of that panic away and as the weather continues to improve that panic will soon turn to pure bliss with all of the wonderful color combinations and selection we offer.

There are plenty of different options that you can go with around your home these days. Tropicals, succulents, straw gardens, fairy gardens, and Perennial gardens. The list goes on and we offer them all! We have grown over a million plants this spring and have watched them long enough. It is time to see them go. Unfortunately, this weather is not cooperating the way we want it as we are covering some of our cabbage transplants, and some trees and shrubs. There is a reason why I say not to plant your flowers in the ground until Mother’s Day Weekend. Unless of course you want to come in and see us again, which we wouldn’t mind!

As always we have an enormous selection of hanging baskets ready to go and in full bloom. With over 70 different color combinations it will be hard not to find one you can call your own. Geranium patio tubs, mixed 12 inch sun and shade patio tubs, and 16 inch mixed patio tubs that will look incredible along your sidewalk or even, who would have thought, but on your patio. I could go on and on about how much we offer but then you might fall asleep reading my article and we wouldn’t want that. Stop on in this May and receive high quality product for your garden and something that we know you will enjoy all season long!


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    I visited Pahl’s for the first time last weekend and simply cannot wait to go back to load up on more beautiful plants, flowers and etc. for my favorite addiction. I don’t smoke, drink, chase around or other stupid stuff. I just work all day and go home and play in my flower gardens and plant more flower pots to admire later. It is so much more rewarding when I can putz with my flowers and watch them grow and mature. I take many photos throughout their growing season, then admire them in the cold winter months and try to create more ideas for the next year. Your place is awesome, I never saw so many different flower pots, I want them all. I will be coming back this Saturday p.m. to spend time and money at your awesome garden center. I have a big, long list and I never mind spending money on good, healthy plants that I just know will produce wonderful and beautiful flowers all season long. Can’t wait to get started, D. Eaker

    • Chris Kaufenberg

      Thanks for the great comments Donnavon, many of us here share the same addiction! We are glad you enjoyed your first visit and look forward to seeing you often.


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