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A new and unique item in your boxes, we’re sure you’ll enjoy popping your own fresh corn. This will be fun to do with the kids as well. Here are the suggestions we have for doing this:

1. Place the popcorn on a shelf after you get it home, for about 3 weeks. Let it dry until it shrinks down about 14 percent.
2. Rub your thumb over the end of the cob. If a few kernels pop off easily, it’s ready to go!
3. Put the popcorn (yes, right on the cob!) in a brown paper bag and fold over the top. Then put it in the micro-wave for about 2 minutes. (Micro-waves vary, so watch carefully!)
4. At the end of the popping time, carefully remove the bag (remember, it’s HOT!) and dump it into a heat-proof bowl. Remove any remaining unpopped kernels from the cob and dispose of the cob. Place the unpopped kernels in another bag and try popping again in the micro-wave.
5. Season to taste and enjoy!


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  1. Judy Lunde

    Are we supposed to take off the husks off the corn to let it dry out and leave them on?

    • Chris Kaufenberg

      The husks can stay on the corn while it is drying but remove it before popping. Thanks for your question!


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