September in Your Garden

by | Aug 31, 2014 | Market News

All right, we know you may want to relax and get cozy by a warm fire as nights cool down.  Gardening chores are really at a minimum in September.  Some things are slowing down but others are just taking off.  Watch for asters, turtlehead, and perennial mums to begin to bloom.  The vine “Hops” forms its beautiful seeds that flutter in the gentle breeze.  I think the biggest show of all comes from perennial grasses.  From the wheat like tops of feather reed grasses to the large plumes of the huge miscanthus varieties, they are all in their glory in September. One of the most beautiful display gardens in September at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in Chanhassen is the perennial grass garden.  The huge plumes and the waves of color will amaze you.  It is definitely worth the trip alone just to see the grasses in bloom.

As far as chores we need to do in September, they really are at a minimum.  Keep a good eye on your deadheading .  I also like to keep up my notebook and write down my successes and failures for the year.  I know that in my own garden I faced more powdery mildew than in past years.  I am sure the cool wet spring weather inspired that problem and maybe next year it won’t be so evident. I am spraying with fungicide to help control it and a good clean up in the Fall will certainly help too.

September is a good time to think about your lawn.  If you have heavy clay soil September is the perfect time to aerate.  Aerating your lawn opens the soil and allows oxygen and water to penetrate much better.  September is typically a time we have less rain so it is great to make sure your lawn gets an inch of water each week.  Fertilize your lawn in September and you will have a beautiful lawn next Spring. Are you battling with Japanese Beetles?  September is a very good time to treat your lawns with grub killer.  Japanese Beetles are just becoming grubs from eggs laid this summer and early Fall they are close to the soil surface.  Applying a granular grub killer to your lawn is very effective and will certainly help control the population for next year.  As beautiful as these bugs look, they are very destructive and because of all the damage they can do it is best to get rid of them.

The best chore in September is harvesting the veggies you have been growing.  If you have carrots, pumpkins, winter squash, or tomatoes you will be enjoying all of those and more. Minnesota apples are also getting to the time of harvest.  How about a little apple crisp with ice cream?  Ahh September… I also begin to think of homemade soup and fresh bread hot from the oven.  The veggies from your garden can come in handy when you want a bowl of mixed vegetable soup.

September in Pahl’s greenhouse is a huge change.  We bring up all of our decorative garden mums, purple fountain grasses, kale, and asters.  We begin seeing gourds and squash and think about fall decorating.  This year we will have some creative fun planters for you to choose from too. Scarecrows also seem to fit the scene in September.  Actually, fall decorating is one of the biggest trends for homeowners. Come on in and let us help you make a warm welcome display for your entry.  Happy September!


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