Sleep and Reflect

by | Dec 2, 2016 | Market News

I could sleep twenty hours a day this time of year… but noooo!  We no longer get done in the field and my wife hits me with a honey do list a mile long!  The problem is, half of the things should have been two months ago when it was still warm out.  I know I am bad but I run out of excuses this time of year and my poor neglected bride stays on me until my duties are fulfilled around the house.  She likes to keep me trim and fit, she won’t even let me carve the Thanksgiving turkey because she claims I eat too much while carving… imagine that!

The last of the harvesting came to an end two weeks ago and all of our tillage work was wrapped up around the same time.  We finished washing the last tractor today with the help of the rain and will put it to bed for the winter months tomorrow.  We have multiple projects planned for the shop this winter as our list keeps getting longer by the day.  Some of them include revamping our corn planter with new technology that enables it to plant at variable populations on the go to conform to the soil fertility in the field.  Wheel bearings took their toll this year with all the mud in the fields; multiple wagons need to be repacked and fixed up from all the pulling and pushing.  Our planning for what gets planted and how much started a month ago with tweaks and discussions among the staff on what turned out best.  One has to be optimistic in this business as each year throws a different twist at us, but when it is all said and done we know we did our best and it is rewarding to know that we put a lot of food on the table for people to eat.

Have a Merry Christmas and a healthy 2017!


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