Spring is Here!

by | May 3, 2018 | Market News

Finally! We can officially say that spring is here. The temps are consistently rising and I even had to bust out the shorts the last few days. We have been getting a lot of questions about how this weather has affected our growing season but not too worry we have most things under control. All of our cabbage transplants are looking great in our greenhouse a long with our pepper transplants. We have enough cabbage transplants for a little over 40 acres along with about 5 acres of pepper transplants. These sunny warm days have been great for attempts to dry out our saturated fields and hopefully we are able to get into our fields soon. As for our annuals, perennials, trees, and shrubs everything is looking lovely and colorful I might add. We have plenty of pansies available for sale so if you are still a little nervous about planting in early May then not to worry. Pansies can take the cold and have no problem surviving a 32 degree night. We have mixed pansy bowls, solid colors such as purple, yellow, blue, and burgundy.

Enough about the cold though. It’s time to warm up and brighten up those flower beds. Get those frozen spruce tips out of your flower beds and pots and start turning them over for flowers. We have a great selection of flowers in annuals, perennials, and tropicals. We also have several new varieties that are sure to be appealing and offer a great accent with all of our other trust worthy plants. I know that all of our options can be overwhelming but not to worry our staff will walk you through everything you need to know. For those of you who want something a little easier and you just want to grab and go well then we offer mixed succulent bowls, something that doesn’t require any maintenance or water. We also have 12” mixed patio tubs, 16” mixed hanging baskets, 10” mixed hanging baskets, and 16” mixed patio tubs that have great color and mix and we already did the thinking for you! Stop on in and see what’s growing here at Pahl’s!

  • Hot Sunny area Plants
    • Vinca
    • Purslane
    • Doreanthus
    • Lantana
    • Sun Patients
    • Talinum
    • Succulents
  • Great Indoor Plants (Just don’t over water them)
    • Peace Lilly
    • Croton
    • Ferns
    • Palm
    • Ficus
    • Spider Plant (In our fairy section)
    • Setcreasea
  • Switch hitters (takes sun or shade)
    • Lysimachia or goldilocks
    • Bacopa
    • Sweet potato Vine or Ipomea
    • Dragon Wing begonia’s
    • Annual grasses
  • Morning Sun (Shade Plants)
    • Fuschia
    • Impatiens (single and double
    • Wax begonia’s
    • Torenia
    • Plectranthus (great fragrance)
    • Bridal Veil


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