Spring is Upon Us

by | May 3, 2017 | Market News

Holy Cow!  I feel like Harey Carey the old Chicago Cubs announcer.  What a month.  If you had a bar of soap you could have taken a shower outside almost every day and not missed a beat.  Spring is upon us yet I am still wearing my long johns.  We are definitely running behind normal in growing degree days, and we have a 2″ head start on the rain gauge for this year in our area.

I am confident that things will turn this coming week and stay decent enough to start the road show for the season.  With May upon us things will heat up quick (I hope).  We didn’t do too much out in the field this past month.  Three days total of planting between the rain and the cold weather; it is a good thing we were able to plant some transplants in the greenhouse.

Cabbage transplants were ready for the field 10 days ago, pepper transplants look gorgeous in the greenhouse and are slated for transplanting around the 20th of May.  Squash and pumpkins will be planted towards the end of the month but our most important crop sweet corn gets planted up until July 1st.  We have our first planting in and will be planting the second planting towards the end of this week.  We plant sweet corn on the average every 5-7 days depending on the weather and how fast it comes out of the ground.  We always have high hopes and are very optimistic to having a great year but Mother Nature dictates how things turn out.

Get your gardens going, but remember not to get in the ground when it is wet.  Soil compaction is not very forgiving and patience is a virtue to a successful crop!


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