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Tractor Lights

by | Sep 20, 2019 | Market News

With the days getting shorter the lights are a necessity.  The corn picker is still humming early in the morning and the sprayer lights run late into the evening.  The sweet corn picker starts before dawn, the packing crew starts at 7 with all cylinders running.  Transitioning into fall items this year just like every other year creates havoc trying to get that many more items out of the field.  Fall crops are a bit behind this year due to the late spring number one, and secondly global warming being the coolest summer in a while has kept the winter squash from ripening like it should have.  We generally are harvesting all of the fall squash by late August but this year we are just pulling the tractor and the wagons in the field this week.

I just talked to a corn and soybean farmer and he was saying that crop development with his crops is about two to three weeks behind.  If we get an early frost it could cut yields significantly in those crops.  But being the eternal optimist (my wife would disagree) that I am; I personally don’t see that happening until the end of October if we get by the new moon at the end of September.  If we have a wet fall this will most likely be the case due to cloud cover.  If this all works out I am going to ask Paul Douglas for a job and retire from farming.  Amen.


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