Leaves are turning brown on my Tamarix… what could be the cause?

by | Mar 29, 2010 | Resources, Market News, Ask Pahl's Market

About 2 months ago we planted a Tamarix Ramosissima (summerglow Pink). It was green when we bought it and shortly after it produced pink flowers. It has grown alot taller and I trimmed just a few branches, but lately I’ve noticed the leaves are turning brown in some areas and the branches are still green.

Dear Gabrielle,

The tamarisk is one of my favorite shrubs.  We have had one planted in a low area of our yard for about ten years and I still get excited when I see it bloom.  The brown leaves could be an indication the plant is not getting enough water.  Tamarisks, like hydrangeas, willows, and birches, will take as much water as you can give them and still ask for more.  Especially in the heat of summer, like the past few weeks around here, they will show signs of stress if they aren’t getting enough water.  Newly planted trees and shrubs and perennials need at least one inch of water every week from now until the ground freezes.  We can’t rely on rain, or the lawn sprinklers to water trees, shrubs and perennials.   They all need a good soaking one or two times a week.  More water, applied less often.  With regular watering your tamarisk should respond and rebound.


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