No flowers growing on our Hydrangea…what should we do?

by | Mar 29, 2010 | Resources, Market News, Ask Pahl's Market

Hello, My husband and I purchased a nice Limelight Hydrangea two years ago from your nursery. It is planted in partial shade and is mulched. Although our shrub is growing, we haven’t had any flowers since we have purchased it. We have tried feeding in with Miracid but still nothing. Do you have any ideas of what we can do? Thank you for your help.

Dear Melinda,

I can’t be certain what is keeping your hydrangea from blooming; there may be many factors.  The first I would consider is its placement.  While limelight hydrangeas are considered full sun to part sun plants, up here in zone 4 the plants do require more sun. This might be keeping your plant from blooming. Your hydrangea should get at least six hours of sun a day.   Another possibility might be the fertilizer you are using.  While Miracid is generally acceptable for a hydrangea, the limelight blooms will not change color with the addition of the acidic fertilizer and  over-fertilzing could be affecting the setting of blooms.  Using a standard tree and shrub fertilizer once in the spring may help with getting the plant to bloom.  The culture information I found suggests the limelight hydrangea does not need a lot of fertilization.  My last suggestion is to check your soil.  The limelight hydrangea prefers a well draining loamy soil.  While it will grow in other soil types (like clay) it is not going to be as vigorous and this might affect its ability to set buds and blooms.  
In general the limelight hydrangea will begin blooming in late July or early August and continue blooming until frost.  This year there might be a slight delay in blooming; my own hydrangeas are just now starting to bloom, weeks later than normal.  
Good luck with your hydrangea, they are stunning plants.


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