Tropicals need as much sunlight as possible

March 29, 2010

I have several Hibiscus plants that my mother bought for me last year. They have spent the winter in a spare bedroom because I have no room for them. I do give them water but they really don’t look that good. What chance will they come back this summer even with some good fertilizer? 
Dear Sharon,


It is not uncommon for tropical hibiscus plants to look tough after a northern winter indoors.  Yellow leaves and leaf drop are common problems.  Now would be a good time to bring them out from their spare room and give them as much light as possible, a southern window spot would be ideal.  Consider repotting the plants in new potting soil and a slightly larger pot- not more than an inch larger in diameter.  You can prune and shape the Hibiscus as well.  New leaf buds should appear in a few weeks. Begin a regular schedule of fertilization once the new leaves appear.  In late May the plants can go outside in a hot sunny spot.  Bringing a Hibiscus back to bloom takes a little effort, but the result is worth it.  Good luck in your endeavors.


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