Which shrubs and trees will grow near pine trees?

March 29, 2010

Dear Dee, How do I know which shrubs or trees will grow near pine trees? Do I look for plants that prefer acid soil? Are other evergreens a safe bet? Thanks for your help!

Dear Nancy,
The soil around and under pine trees is more acidic so finding plants that thrive in acidic soil is always a good bet when planting near pine trees.  Other evergreens will definitely work around your pines.  Some small shrubs and trees you should consider include hydrangeas,
azaleas, and rhododendrons. In addition you could plant strawberries and blueberries; they also like acidic soils.  Perennials that can be planted under and around pine trees include astilbe, cimicifuga, convallaria, dicentra, heuchera, hosta, and most ferns.  When deciding
what to plant consider the light conditions as well as the soil conditions, and always provide your new plantings with plenty of water.   Good luck with your landscaping projects.

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