Extending the Show

By Ted Maro The winter season brings colder temperatures, a snowy blanket and the sun goes down much earlier. We hang the Christmas lights outdoors and prepare for the holiday season. The lights invite family members home and guests for holiday gatherings. They add to...

Preparing Plants for the Long Winters Nap

By Ted Maro Last winter was an exceptionally dry one when it comes to snow amounts. It was a great winter for the non snow lover. On the other hand, the lack of snow, cold temperatures, windy and bright sunny days caused a great deal of winter damage to plants. Some...

Winter Robins

   If you have been working or playing outside in the snow this winter it is not unusual to hear the sounds of spring – the chirping of robins.  The American Robin is now overwintering here in Minnesota thanks to the abundance of food made available to them.    Fruits...
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