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Harvest Highlights: Week 14 CSA News & Updates

by | Sep 26, 2023 | CSA Member Updates, Dee's Corner

With the days growing shorter and the air hinting at the arrival of autumn, Week 14 arrives to bridge the gap between summer’s warmth and fall’s crispness. Our farm is a bustling hub of activity as we gather the treasures of the season, and your share boxes reflect our labor of love.  Join us as we dive into the vibrant array of produce awaiting you this week!

We hope you’ve been enjoying the different squash varieties we’ve introduced over the past couple of weeks. Have you been experimenting with winter squash in your kitchen adventures? We’d love to hear about your favorite recipes.  Friendly reminder to click on the item in the ‘What to Expect in Your Share Box’ section of this newsletter and scroll to the bottom of the webpage for more recipe ideas.  This week, we’re excited to introduce yet another winter squash variety, the Acorn Squash!  This squash variety is known for its sweet, nutty flavor and striking appearance. It’s shaped like, you guessed it, an acorn, with deep green skin and ridges. Once you cut it open, you’ll discover vibrant orange flesh that becomes incredibly tender when cooked.

Yet another new addition, this week’s share also includes Hungarian Wax Peppers. Resembling the mild-mannered banana pepper but packing a jalapeno-like punch in terms of heat, these peppers are sure to spice up your culinary creations. Whether you’re a fan of stuffing, pickling, roasting, or adding a zesty kick to your pizzas, these Hungarian wax peppers are a versatile delight waiting to be explored.  Remember, handling hot peppers can lead to some unintended discomfort if you touch your face or eyes afterward. It’s always a good idea to wear gloves when working with Hungarian wax peppers or wash your hands thoroughly immediately after handling them.

Until next week, enjoy the delicious journey ahead!


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