Record Rainfall

by | Sep 27, 2016 | CSA Member Updates, News from the Farmer

Over the last three months we have recorded record amounts of rain for this time frame in our area and the picture says a thousand words.  We have been battling the mud along with higher than normal temps during the same time much to our chagrin.  The vine crops that we are harvesting cannot withstand this much rainfall.  It is like sitting in a bathtub for two hours and getting out and nothing looks wrong with you.  Look in the mirror; it takes time to recover your good looks.  Vegetable crops are the same way; they cannot stay in wet ground for extended periods of time.  The produce that is harvested, washed and sorted will not keep for extended periods of time.  It must be eaten sooner rather than later to ensure the waste factor is kept to a minimum.  Please keep this in mind when you are unpacking your box and please keep it in a cool dry environment when storing.  Happy Trails!

– Gary Pahl


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