Yukon Gold Potatoes

Available year round, Yukon Gold potatoes are noted for their golden yellow-brown skin and shallow eyes.  The flesh is distinctively moist, yellow and waxy.  The Yukon Gold potato will keep its beautiful golden hue even when cooked.  The cooked flesh has a creamy consistency and a rich, buttery flavor.  Use the Yukon Gold in any of your favorite recipes calling for potatoes.  They will add a striking color and texture to all of your dishes!

Potatoes are considered an important staple food and the number one vegetable crop in the world. Because of their neutral starchy flavor, they are a good complement to many meals. They are available year-round as they are harvested somewhere every month of the year. Potatoes are thought of as a comfort food whether they are mashed, baked or made into French fries. There are over 100 varieties of edible potatoes.

Do not store potatoes in the refrigerator as their starch content will turn to sugar. Store them in a cool, dark closet in a paper bag to maximize their quality and storage.

Potatoes are a health-promoting food and contain vitamin B6, vitamin C, fiber and potassium.

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