In-House Design

In-house design

This service is designed for clients who need ideas and/or suggestion for a desired site.  This consultation is completed at Pahl’s Market and by appointment only.  After an appointment is made, you will receive a Pahl’s In-House Design Landscape kit.  This kit can be picked up at Pahl’s or mailed directly to you.  The kit consists of a Yard & Garden Planner, information on plant material, and any hardscape information if necessary.  At the meeting, the designer will discuss ideas, suggestions, and problems pertaining to your landscape needs.  A rough sketch will also be done during this appointment.

Please follow the important instructions below to have a successful In-House Design:

  • Indicate where ‘North’ is located on the Yard & Garden Planner
  • Sketch area to be designed
  • Include entrances, existing bed lines, driveways, plant material, etc.

Bring any photos that may help the Designer.

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