The Multi-colored Asian Lady Beetle (MALB) leads a double life in many places. In the spring and summer it eats aphids in your garden, protecting plants from damage. But in fall, the MALB adopts a more disturbing role. In areas where populations are heavy, the MALB, seeking the warmth of sunny walls and windows, begins to invade homes in large numbers. It’s at this time that a garden ally becomes a household pest. The best way to prevent an infestation of the MALB in your home is to prevent their entrance. Sealing cracks and crevices around windows, repairing screens etc. has some effect however, a chemical barrier is very effective to prevent the insect from invading your home. Careful applications of chemical controls like Bonide Household Insect Control or Eight, can stop the insects before they enter your house. Applied around foundations, doors and windows these products create a barrier which kills the insects seeking their way into your home. For spot treatment, Bonide Household Insect Control in a ready-to-use spray can be applied indoors and around doors and window sills to create a barrier that will control insects trying to get inside. Always read and follow label directions when using any pest control product. Do not apply insecticides indoors unless they are labeled for such use.


Asian Lady Beetles Facts:

  • The Asian lady beetle, Harmonia axyridis, has been in North America for almost a century
  • It was brought from Asia in the early 1900’s because of its voracious appetite for aphids
  • An Asian Lady Beetle can consume up to 5,000 aphids during its short life span
  • “Ladybugs” are, in fact, beetles, with chewing mouth parts and with a full metamorphosis, with larva, pupa and adult, similar to that of butterflies
  • The most reliable identifying characteristic of the multicolored Asian lady beetle is the prominent black ‘M’-shaped marking behind its head. This ‘M’ can look thick, thin or even broken in appearance.
  • Becomes a pest in fall when it invades homes looking for a place to over winter
  • Comes in many colors from almost white to black
  • Asian Lady Beetles emit a liquid when disturbed that smells and can stain walls and curtains
  • Attracted to lighter colors. White, grey or yellow homes act as beacons to these insects in fall when they are seeking shelter for the winter