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Landscape Makeover Minneapolis

Pahl's Landscape Installation Minneapolis

The Pahl’s crew removed and disposed this entire landscape in Minneapolis in preparation for an upcoming wedding.  We installed new Retaining Walls, Pillars w/ Light Fixtures, Pavers, Outdoor Kitchen, Fountain, Arbor, Soil, Plants, Edging and Sod.  The homeowners had their dream wedding in this fabulous setting shortly after completion of this project.  Congrats!

Townhome Landscape Installation Apple Valley

Pahl's Apple Valley Townhome Landscape

The Pahl’s landscape crew had fun with this Apple Valley townhome makeover.  First the crew removed and disposed of the existing grass and debris.  Than they  installed garden blend soil, plants (perennials & shrubs), accent boulder, landscape fabric, 2.5″ river rock and brown colored mulch.  This area was designed for low maintenance and front entrance […]

Sweet Yummy Summertime

Pahl's Famous Corn Drive Thru

By Chris Kaufenberg Summer brings produce season to Pahl’s Market!  Sweet corn and peppers and beans, oh my!  With over 1000 acres of farmland we always have an assortment of fresh picked homegrown vegetables available in the market.  Summertime sweet fresh fruit cools the days.  The muskmelon and watermelon are mouth watering.  We also have […]

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