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by | Jul 31, 2018 | CSA Member Updates, Dee's Corner

When I first heard we would be offering leeks sometime this season, I knew it was time for me to try making vichyssoise. Just the name alone put me off–it sounds so Julia Child-challenging-gourmet . . . except it wasn’t. I found a recipe that I felt was simple, straightforward and delicious all at the same time. When I compared recipes, I found many variations, and you may already have one you prefer. If your chives are flowering (mine are not) try sprinkling some of the pretty purple flowers on top for a garnish. The kids will be intrigued.
Cauliflower, another new item this week, has a somewhat mild flavor when simply steamed. But roasting in the oven tends to caramelize it a little, and when Parmesan cheese is added, it really shines. Try the Roasted Cauliflower recipe in today’s Recipe Section and see what you think.
At our house, we’ve been enjoying our beans steam cooked, which my family prefers. This week, however, I wanted to use them in a different way. So I served them in the bean salad featured in the Recipe Section, to accompany a huge rack of smoked ribs, our son’s specialty. It was a nice change.

Around this time in the season, we start to get comments like, “Help! I can’t seem to eat this produce fast enough!” or “I feel guilty . . . I’m afraid some of it will go to waste.” We have some suggestions to help, if you’re facing that situation.
1) Preserving
Many vegetables can be blanched, cooled immediately in ice water, then frozen. (Green or yellow beans, for example)
Some can be chopped and frozen raw (tomatoes, onions, and peppers)
2) Share an item or two with a neighbor or a friend
You’ll be surprised at how many people will be delighted to receive fresh produce, especially a new item they haven’t tried. Sometimes it will bring back memories of something Grandma used to make.
3) Make a meal to share
There’s always someone who could use a home-cooked meal.
4) Make a large pot of vegetable soup
Gather up items that may be 1-2 weeks old, trim off any imperfect spots and/or pull off any yellow leaves. Freeze it to use at a later date. (cold autumn day, illness in the family)
5) Grilling
There’s something about grilled vegetables that adds a depth of flavor. It must be the caramelizing process. I’ve had family members try a vegetable they normally wouldn’t touch, but because it’s grilled, they loved it!
6) When all else fails, STIR-FRY!! We have stir-fry at least once a week. As long as there’s meat in it (sliced/diced pork, beef or chicken) I’m able to add all kinds of vegetables without any questions or comments.
I hope this helps you. If you have some hints and suggestions for our members, please feel free to let me know. I’d love to share them.

Have a great week, everyone. See you in the bean field!


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