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by | Sep 21, 2021 | CSA Member Updates, Dee's Corner

Hi everyone!

I sincerely hope that all of you made it through Friday night’s storm with little to no damage. Some of you may have had power outages, which can be an inconvenience at best. For now, we can look forward to sunny, cooler weather in the days ahead as we enter our last four weeks of our CSA time together.

Celery is making another appearance in our shares this week. This was picked fresh just before it was packed. If it seems a little limp when it arrives home, don’t despair. Place it in a bath of ice water and it will perk right up for you. I love using celery because of its versatility. We’re able to use it in a variety of recipes – salads, casseroles, soups, chowder and stews.

This week’s winter squash is butternut, a favorite for many. Even though I have included various recipes for butternut squash soup in past newsletters, I wanted to share this one (“Best Ever Butternut Squash Soup”) that I found last winter. I made it several times, trying it with different serving options each time, and I thought it was excellent. It freezes easily, packed in freezer containers or zip-lock bags. If you do this, remember to label and date your packages. Or if you’re pressed for time, simply cook your squash and pack it in one or two cup portions, to be frozen and used in your recipes at a later time.

Two of our recipes this week will use the potatoes in our boxes. For those of you who receive a mushroom share, consider adding your mushrooms to either one of these recipes. The first one, “Spanish Potatoes” is easily cooked on the grill. As mentioned, it makes a nice side dish to accompany white fish or chicken. The second recipe, titled “Oven Roasted Potatoes and Peppers” makes a huge panful, so our author makes the suggestion that it’s perfect for meal prep. In their family, they often make it on Sunday and use it as a side dish to accompany grilled meat or fish for a weeknight meal. Or top it with eggs (and mushrooms!) for a filling and easy breakfast. For those members who receive Von Hanson’s pressed bacon in this week’s share, serve these potatoes alongside your bacon. And for the rest of our members who receive chicken fajita meat, include a portion of these potatoes with your fajita meat, rolled into a large soft shell taco. A hearty fall supper!

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you at our Apple Pick this weekend. Enjoy your week!


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