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Harvest Highlights: Week 5 CSA News & Updates

by | Jul 25, 2023 | Dee's Corner

We hope you’re enjoying the bountiful journey through the seasons with us. As we delve deeper into the heart of the harvest, we are excited to bring you another week filled with farm-fresh goodness. Let’s dive into Week 5 and savor the abundance of the season!

As you open your share box this week, you will be greeted by the vibrant hues and heavenly aroma of freshly plucked strawberries! These little crimson gems are bursting with sweetness and embody the essence of summer itself. Remember, like all natural produce, there may be a couple of strawberries that haven’t fared as perfectly as the rest. Instead of tossing them all aside, we encourage you to take a moment to pick through the batch, removing any less ideal ones.  We recommend savoring these as soon as possible, within a day or two.

You will also notice a pop of vibrant green in your share boxes this week as crisp and flavorful green bell peppers make their first appearance in the shares this season.  Green peppers are incredibly versatile, making them a perfect addition to your kitchen. Dice them up for a colorful salad, stuff them with your favorite fillings for a wholesome meal, or sauté them with other veggies for a scrumptious stir-fry.

Members will find either cauliflower or broccoli in their shares for the second time this season.  If you notice discoloration on the top of your broccoli or cauliflower, please don’t discard it right away. This could be a result of sunburn from extended exposure to sunlight. With this excessive heat, both the broccoli and cauliflower might need an ice bath to crisp back up.  Submerge the produce in a large bowl of ice water for 15-30 minutes in the fridge.  Please reach out with any questions!

Coming in to week 5 of the CSA season you might find yourself overwhelmed with produce coming week after week.  Have you had a chance to check out our Tips & Tricks CSA guide?  Of particular interest around this time in the season might be the section on exit strategies. Staying inspired and using up your produce each week can be challenging, and at some point you may feel like you cannot possibly keep up.  This is the time for a quick, go-to method of using produce fast so you can prepare for the next batch of veggies.  Follow this link, https://www.pahls.com/csa-magazine/, to check out the guide for CSA success.

We had a member reach out recently to offer ideas on how to expand our connection within our CSA family here at Pahl’s.  We will be looking into a way for members to share ideas, recipes and such with other members but for now if you have any recipes, CSA tricks, ideas, tips, etc. to share with members please email it over to us and we can include it in this newsletter!  Being a part of our CSA program is about so much more than just fresh produce. It’s about being part of a community that cares about the food we eat and we love hearing from you!

Let’s celebrate the connections we’ve made, the joy of supporting local agriculture, and the anticipation of what future harvests will bring. Until we meet again in Week 6, happy cooking and savor the flavors of this week’s harvest!


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