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Weeds, weeds, weeds…

Weeds, weeds, weeds

By Gary Pahl The month of June brings the longest days of the year.  June is also the wettest month.  So what happens?  The garden, filled with precious plants, grows the fastest and weeds begin to take over unless you stay on top of it.  Weeds are the worst element for the garden. They will […]

A Seeds Journey!

Successful Cabbage Transplants

By Cole Moldenhauer From seed to harvest, a vegetable plant’s journey is a long one.  Minnesota’s climate offers a shorter growing season which requires us to use a process known as transplant.  Speeding up the course of our growing season will allow the produce to bear fruit for all to enjoy.   Why do we […]

Where do we get all our vegetable seeds?

Pahl's Planter

Did you know most of Pahl’s vegetable seeds come from the state of Idaho?  The state of Idaho produces approximately 70% of the vegetable seeds used in the United States.  If there is a short fall in production, the seed companies have also added production areas in South America, preferably Chile as well as parts of  Argentina.  Most of our […]

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