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June News from the Field

Planting Pumpkins

The average Growing Degree Day (GDD) for this time of year is 281. The growing degree units this year is 368.5, which is significantly above the average. GDD’s are calculated each day as maximum temperature plus the minimum temperature divided by 2, minus the base temperature of 50 (I use 50 because that is the […]

Time to Sleep

Pahls Employees

November is always a month of being thankful and rejoicing that the growing season has come and gone. Planning has already begun for next year and multiple pieces of equipment are fixed or being retrofitted for the coming year. As we all know the years seem to come and go quicker with this year’s fall […]

October News from the Field


Fall is in the air. When you start picking squash and pumpkins you know the weather will be turning cooler soon. In the field these days we are busy harvesting many fall items along with peppers and all of our specialty peppers. Fall is my most favorite time of year. The cooler temperatures make it […]

April News from the Farm

News from the Farm

Spring is finally upon us with the days getting warmer and longer and yes the snow piles are diminishing! Hip, Hip, Hooray! Man that was a long cold winter, but we all survived thanks to all the winter activities that we do to keep us in shape (our men’s over 50 team finished a solid […]

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